Tahoe Advertisements 1982?

Got these ads from Malcome. Not sure what year they are from but probably late ’82 or early ’83. I think because the company in the ads is then based in Arizona. I will try to confirm when the ads appeared, year and month.

tahoe ad 82

tahoe dave c ad


Fransisco “Mega” Vega

This team rider out of Texas sent me a few pictures. One is old school and one is mid school where he was still representin’ Tahoe colors. Not sure where the Michelin Nationals were held. Also not sure who the Zeronine and Patterson riders where in the other picture from BITD.

1982 ABA Gold Cup

This picture was taken at the ABA Northcentral Gold Cup at the Richfield, MN BMX track. (I had the privilege of teaching a clinic there in 1992, but had no idea the track dated back to the roots of  early BMX).

Dave Christensen is no doubt the fastest, most famous of all the former Factory riders for Tahoe. The coverage for the race appeared in the September ’82 issue of “Bicycles and Dirt”.

Tahoe Factory Racer – Jeff Place

Jeff Place recently sent me some pictures from his Factory days on Tahoe.  Although Tahoe was based in Minnesota then Indiana, they had a strong team around the nation.  Jeff showed pictures from what Im thinking must have been his home track of Capital City BMX in Austin, TX and from an ABA National somewhere in Maryland. Is that Howard County?

Also shown in the one picture was his teammate Andy Colburn.

Bike Pictures and Specs

I will edit your pictures if you know the year and/or  model of your bike to include any specs you can send me.

Some wanted would be, Frame or fork weight, Top Tube length, Rear End length to front and rear of dropout slot. Wheelbase, BB Height etc.



Uniform History Timeline

OK got the first couple pictures of uniforms from Sean Miland. Thanks Sean. If anyone can fill in any gaps please do so.



Factory Team Roster

Bob Birdsall (Michigan)

Dave Christensen (Minnesota, 1982)

Marty Christman (Texas)

Andrew Colburn II  (Texas, 1983)

Chris Colburn (Texas, 1983)

Mark Conley (Minnesota, 1982)

Craig Goulden (Texas, 1982)

Derek Goulden (Texas, 1982)

Brad Hallin (Minnesota, 1982)

Jay Hamby (Michigan)

Alana Hancock (Indiana, 1983)

Ron Harris (Massachusetts, 1982)

Mike Hoadley (Texas)

Scott House (Indiana, 1984)

Troy Kane (Minnesota, 1982)

Tim Kligen (1982)

Candy Long (Oklahoma, 1982)

Sean Miland (Minnesota, 1982-1983)

Koby Moody (Indiana, 1984)

Kris Moody (Indiana, 1984)

Mollie Moody (Indiana, 1984)

Scott Myerpeter (Arizona)

Dustin Noble (Minnesota, 1982)

Jason Noble (Minnesota, 1982)

Steve Olson (Minnesota, 1982)

“Smokin” Joe Pinkney (Michigan, 1983-1984)

Jeff Place (Texas, 1983-1984)

Steve Redelsperger (Minnesota)

Matt Rife (Michigan, 1981-82)

Danny Ronken (Minnesota, 1982)

Scott Sackett (Arizona, 1982)

Danny Sadd (Texas)

John Sandberg (Minnesota, 1982)

“Jammin” Johnnie Schrimsher

Jeff Seliga (Arizona, 1982)

Damon  Smith (Indiana, 1984-1986)

JT Taylor (Indiana, 1984)

Robbie Van Guilder (Minnesota, 1982)

Fransisco Vega (Texas, 1983-1984)

Team Managers

Andy Colburn (Texas)

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