Factory Team Roster

Bob Birdsall (Michigan)

Dave Christensen (Minnesota, 1982)

Marty Christman (Texas)

Andrew Colburn II  (Texas, 1983)

Chris Colburn (Texas, 1983)

Mark Conley (Minnesota, 1982)

Craig Goulden (Texas, 1982)

Derek Goulden (Texas, 1982)

Brad Hallin (Minnesota, 1982)

Jay Hamby (Michigan)

Alana Hancock (Indiana, 1983)

Ron Harris (Massachusetts, 1982)

Mike Hoadley (Texas)

Scott House (Indiana, 1984)

Troy Kane (Minnesota, 1982)

Tim Kligen (1982)

Candy Long (Oklahoma, 1982)

Sean Miland (Minnesota, 1982-1983)

Koby Moody (Indiana, 1984)

Kris Moody (Indiana, 1984)

Mollie Moody (Indiana, 1984)

Scott Myerpeter (Arizona)

Dustin Noble (Minnesota, 1982)

Jason Noble (Minnesota, 1982)

Steve Olson (Minnesota, 1982)

“Smokin” Joe Pinkney (Michigan, 1983-1984)

Jeff Place (Texas, 1983-1984)

Steve Redelsperger (Minnesota)

Matt Rife (Michigan, 1981-82)

Danny Ronken (Minnesota, 1982)

Scott Sackett (Arizona, 1982)

Danny Sadd (Texas)

John Sandberg (Minnesota, 1982)

“Jammin” Johnnie Schrimsher

Jeff Seliga (Arizona, 1982)

Damon  Smith (Indiana, 1984-1986)

JT Taylor (Indiana, 1984)

Robbie Van Guilder (Minnesota, 1982)

Fransisco Vega (Texas, 1983-1984)

Team Managers

Andy Colburn (Texas)


12 Responses to “Factory Team Roster”

  1. 1 andrew colburn February 23, 2009 at 12:06 am

    you are missing part of the factory team, the texas riders team was run by andy colburn, his sons andrew colburn 2, and chris colburn were also on that team as well as jeff place and marty christman i can remember we all stayed with the taylors when we went to indiana once or twice,

    • 2 Erick Weinstetter January 27, 2010 at 7:34 am

      OK thanks for the information. I updated the roster page. If you know the years i will add them as well.
      If you have any pictures email me them at bulletproof2000@livedotcom and I will post them.

  2. 3 Matt Rife April 1, 2009 at 1:28 am

    Matt Rife is from northern Michigan. Rode Tahoe support team in 1981-82. I loved that bike.

    • 4 Erick Weinstetter April 1, 2009 at 2:37 am

      OK the early research I did was that Tahoe was started in 1982. Are you certain you raced with a Tahoe bike or uniform in 81? Do you remember exactly when it got started? Any pictures of you racing in those years, I will post them to the site. Thanks for any input you can give Matt.

  3. 5 Sean Miland April 8, 2009 at 12:46 am

    I have all the info, pics etc…let me know where to email them!

  4. 7 sean miland April 21, 2009 at 4:40 pm

    The original Tahoe team and company evolved from Team Tremco(1979,’80) (co-sponsored with Robinson frames/forks), then Team Rondo,1981 (Robinson, then Hutch co-sponsorship), and finally Tahoe ,started in 1982.

    Jack Doherty(Minnesota BMX pioneer and Rondo Classis promoter)hatched the idea for Tahoe in late Fall 1981 and started Tahoe in the Winter of 1982, in mid 1982 Jack D. moved from Minnesota to Phoenix taking a job with the ABA while still continuing with the Tahoe Co. Original early 1982 team members included Dave Christensen, John Sandberg, Danny Ronkin, Brad Hallin(step son)- carryovers from Team Rondo, which grew out of the Team Tremco.

    Trackmaster built the 20-in. Tahoe f/f, to similar dimensions as Robinsons/Hutch. VDC, who made the CW 24-in. cruisers was also the builder of the 1982 Tahoe cruiser. Both were great handling bikes for the time. The Tahoe came from the Chevy Tahoe edition S-10 mini truck which was a truck Jack had ties with because of the local Minnesota “Iten Chevrolet” sponsorship of Jacks indoor race series. Jack actually gave away a Tahoe S-10 in 1981 to a racer as part of the Chevy tie-in. The Tahoe BMX logo is very similar to the Tahoe trim package ID badge GM placed on the trucks.

    Tahoe’s illustrious Dave Christensen went into the 1982 ABA Grands as the #1 AA Pro, with the champion to be determined in a round-robin format during the event. Unfortunately, he tweaked his knee during the first day of racing and he was effectively out of the hunt, ending up #9 overall. Still, that’s a remarkable result. John Sandberg left the team shortly before the ’82 ABA Grands and Sean Miland was brought from semi factory sponsor to (so called) ‘Factory” sponshorship. Old friend of Jack and founding MN bmx racer Mark Conley came on to race for Tahoe in late 1982. Dave Christensen and Mark Conley lived with Jack Doherty in AZ, both training for the pro ranks. Jack kept the company until early 1983, when he sold it to the Taylor family of Indiana. Sean Miland was the last of the Minnesota Tahoe riders and briefly rode with the Taylor owned Tahoe until Fall 1983.

  5. 8 AJ Doherty September 29, 2009 at 6:42 am

    This is some amazing reading. My father Jack moved his family to Arizona once my mother became pregnant with me. He gave up bmx for a while but in about 1990 he became team manager for Powerlite. He put together a powerhouse team discovering riders like Brandon Meadows, Ryan Vanderveen, Dwight Tardy (Senior running back for Washington State) He was a pioneer in the sport of BMX, and is now the top Long Drive Golf promoter in the United States. We went to the Olympic track in Chula Vista last weekend for the olympic trials. Holy shit how the sport has changed!

    AJ Doherty

    • 9 Erick Weinstetter November 27, 2009 at 3:15 am

      Wow the son of Jack Doherty. Its a pleasure and honor to have you post.
      Thanks for the update on your dad. Did you ever race BMX AJ or you go straight to Golf?
      If you ever have anything you want posted or pictures posted you can the info to me at bulletproof2000@live.com
      Again thanks for posting and let your pop know way more people remember him then he may think. I never met him, but I know he was basically Minnesota BMX at one point.

  6. 10 Johnnie Schrimsher May 8, 2012 at 2:04 pm

    Jammin Johnnie Schrimsher. I used to ride for Tahoe not sure about the exact years. I was friends with the Moody’s in Indiana and went the Nationals in Tulsa, OK I do remember and found some old team photos of a lot us..

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